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Mikiko's first album
Mikiko's World

Mikiko_689 smaller-100  with name  copy.jpg

1. DayDream  2. I Wonder If I Can Fly  3. I miss the Boston you were in  4. Once Again  5. Waltz in the Harvest Moonlight  6. Just Spare Me a Little of Your Time  7. Keep Your Smile ~ほら、笑って!~

Vocal: Mikiko Sato

Piano: Jisu Jung


Guitar: Francesca Cayla Castro

 Roger Lin


Bass: Jack Schwenke

           Kevin Barber


Percussion: Juan Pablo Tello


Drums: Yuta Fukuhara


Violin: Danielle Breitstein

     Kevin Fong

Viola: Vincenzo De Leon

Cello: Giulia Haible


Trumpet: Matt Kelly 

Alto saxophone: Morgan Faw

Tenor saxophone: Andrew Bedard


Recording engineer: Hanbo Hong

                                  Matt Hayes

                              Rodrigo Martins


Mixing/Mastering engineer: Tanir Morrison


Cover design photographer: Adam Erdossy

Producer/Director/Composer/Songwriter: Mikiko Sato

It's released on all major platforms

on  August 16th  2021

Mikiko's first single
My Wishes for You

IMG_7211 2.JPG

My Wishes for You 



Mikiko Sato



Mikiko Sato



Danielle Breitstein

Kevin Fong



Vincenzo de Leon



Giulia Haible



Samuel Cerra


Recording engineer:

Rodrigo Martins


Mixing/Mastering engineer:

Akihiro Nishimura

Project supporters:

Li-Anne Kong

Francesca Castro

Joe Byrne

Will Putnam

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